Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing counts for accuracy the most. With the help of these services, billing errors are reduced to the maximum. Our back-office support services are affordable with flexible pricing options. Medical billing serves in accordance with compliance regulations and policies.

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About Medical Billing Services

The know-how of the healthcare industry allows Proziod to provide its medical billing services to clients. Medical Billing counts for accuracy the most. With the help of these services, billing errors are reduced to the maximum. Our back-office support services are affordable with flexible pricing options. Medical billing serves in accordance with compliance regulations and policies.

Our team of experts and specialists in billing successfully eliminate coding errors. The billing assistance provided by our services works efficiently and allows the clients to get reimbursed on due time.

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Medical Billing and how can it help you?

Medical Billing ensures the smooth flow of healthcare and takes over the entire billing duties. This further enhances the easy and smooth optimization of operational activities. Our team is a working lot of professionals who have achieved expertise in their respective areas.

Medical Billing utilizes the latest and the best tools, technology and software which enables the workflow to take place as efficiently and proficiently as possible. A disorganized healthcare system can lead to bad debts and mismanaged revenue cycle. With our medical billing processes, we help customers to establish a healthy bottom line. Medical Billing helps in keeping track of the finances, the receivable balances by the patients and the pending claims, if any.

Our Medical Billing Services

The following are the services which Proziod provides:

Payments and Accountancy

Medical Coding and Billing

Collection of Client related information

Managing Administrative Operations

Clinical Payoffs

Customer Services

Patient Balance follow-up

Insurance Verification Services

Healthcare Analytics

Types of Medical Billing offered

We offer a range of medical billing services essential for the financial health of organizations. Some of the services are listed as:

Day-to-day Administration: Medical billing ensures the daily administration of payments and accountancy with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Completion of paperwork: Our medical billing services make sure that the necessary paperwork is completed accurately and that all of the necessary information is collected from the client.

Back-office Support Services: With the extensive healthcare back-office support services, the coding errors are minimized.

Non-medical Services: Other non-medical services such as Insurance verification, billing and financial counselling are also provided. All of these are well-updated according to the latest health policies.

Accounts Management and Follow-ups: Our medical billing also includes managing and tracking the finances of the receivable balances of the patients.

Processing the Medical Claims: The medical claims include other services such as, scanning of the documents related to the patients, submission of the claims, filing and follow-up of the claims.

Cataloging the Medical Records: The scanning of the medical records of the patient is maintained which further saves a lot of time for other relevant tasks.

Healthcare Data Entry Services: We provide a wide range of healthcare data entry services that are aided by skilled professionals and highly advanced tools. This includes data entry, data capture as well as data extraction services.

Benefits of getting our Medical Billing

Benefits to Outsource Telemarketing Services in India​

As we provide several medical billing services in a wide range, there are a number of benefits that you can avail of:

Reduces the expense: Medical Billing provided by us reduces the cost to a much greater extent than the otherwise in-house billing would cost.

Quicker Turnaround Time: The turnaround time from billing to payment into the account of the client is extremely fast and hindrance free.

Reporting: Annual financial reports and monthly billing reports are formed that keep track of all the financial setups of the clients.

Optimized Healthcare: With our Medical Billing services, we ensure that the healthcare workflow is not hindered and affected.

Improvement in Clinical Payoffs: The clinical payoffs are improved in the healthcare sector with the aid of our trained clinicians.

Focused Treatments: With the focus on core tasks the least important tasks are easily and quickly done away with.

Who should go for Medical Billing?

Medical billing services are essential for managing the healthcare systems and the upgradation of a company. But there has to be a role that you must play for availing the benefits of these services. It would be a great fit for professionals working as:

Physicians and Specialists

Healthcare Administration

Management Professionals

Revenue Cycle Management

Medical Billing and Coding Companies

Healthcare Service Providers

The process we follow for Medical Billing

The Medical Billing process involves the payer and the healthcare provider after the completion of the necessary paperwork. The process undergoes a step-by-step guideline that further accomplishes the task without any delay.

Insurance Verification

Entry of the Patient’s Information

Medical Coding

Submission of Audited Medical Claims

Payment Posting

Accounts Receivable Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

A medical billing system ensures the entire record of a patient from insurance to the best care services for the patient. The healthcare services are converted into medical claims and it is made sure that the payments are operated smoothly and appropriately.

Outsourcing medical billing allows clients to get more services at a much lower cost. The focus shifts to the core and important activities rather than hiring a costly staff for medical billing.

Revenue cycle management is related to the payment process in healthcare systems that properly manage administrative tasks. They include management, processing and collection of payments ensuring a smooth workflow in the healthcare departments.

There are some difficulties that might be problematic during the process of medical billing. One of them is the collection of payments from the patients. It is an important and time-consuming part of the process. If not done on time, it further delays the entire process to a greater degree.

Medical billing involves a step-by-step procedure. The first step allows the patient to be enrolled in the programme. The next and most important step is the verification of the insurance claims. Further, medical billing ensures payment posting. The claim problems are resolved during the accounts receivable analysis.

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