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Providing ICT Solutions and Services to the Clients Globally

We at Proziod have spent a good amount on our infrastructures that are capable of introducing and using highly advanced technologies. Without advanced technologies, the services and solutions provided to the clients would not lead to good end results. This would also ensure that privacy and security are prioritized. A high-functioning offshore team is possible with good and co-operative team work. We make sure that the protocols and guidelines are followed and as per them our infrastructures are built up.
Some features that we share about our infrastructure are:

Available Technicians

Our technicians are available 24x7 for constant support to the clients whenever required and necessary.

ISP Connectivity

ISP connectivity is provided along with the configuration with the help of most trustworthy providers.

Security Protocols

All protocols whether bank-level or otherwise are followed to ensure secure processing of the data information. Our networks are expandable, robust and always upgradable.

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Our belief resides in transparency and open communication that serves to maintain a healthy work environment.

IT Security and Data Privacy

The data privacy and security is taken extremely seriously by us as the privacy of the client is highly important. All protocols and guidelines are followed and everything is provided and processed in accordance to those.

Physical as well as logical securities are provided at Proziod. The infrastructure is constructed such that physical security in terms of biometric, CCTV is provided. Authentication of the data, encryption, password security, USB drives are all provided.

Ensuring utmost security is our top most priority and we tend to keep this above all. All laws, even international ones are applied and in consideration to that the needs of the clients are met.

A number of clients certified under global IT compliance protocols are served. Your intellectual property is ensured to be in safer hands.

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IT Standards & ISO Compliance

We’re very proud of the fact that Proziod is deep into the process of acquiring our ISO 27001 certification, the standard specification for Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Access Control

• Computers authenticate against a Domain and Users have unique accounts 
• Network shares are controlled by Access Control Lists
• Computer terminals are locked after five minutes of inactivity
• Company backups are encrypted
• Capability to disable USB storage devices

Information Security Incident Management

• Network Monitoring Systems poll infrastructure, core services, and devices 
• In the event of a failure, our 24/7 Network Operations Centre is notified and address the issue in accordance with business impact

ISO Compliance

• Regular conduct of IT audits (firewall testing, and internal vulnerability scanning) 
• Multi-level testing and inspection of workstations prior to deployment to staff
• Client installations checked against procedure document before ‘going live’

Organising Information Security

• Our IT Department operates with key guidelines tailored to each clients’ exact requirements
• Processes are customised for each company’s specific requirements 

Human Resources Security

• Stringent HR screening policies ensure only suitable candidates are placed 
• Induction process incorporates security guidelines
• Clearly documented staff exit procedures protect our client’s intellectual property

Physical and Environmental Security

• All sites are located in buildings manned by security personnel on all entry and exit points 
• All Proziod sites and offices have Biometric authentication systems for verifying identity and controlling and recording all staff movements

Asset Management

• Hard and soft assets are registered in our Asset  Management database
• Core equipment is secured in our climate controlled server rooms

Information Systems Acquisition, Development & Maintenance

Proziod’s IT Department implements security mechanisms for local workstations and servers and VPNs and VLANs for clients’ workstations 
• Workstations are protected by market-leading antivirus
• Firewalls and public-facing devices are regularly patched and updated

Business Continuity Management

• Multiple levels of redundancy in our Internet connectivity and  core hardware including switches and firewalls
• Disaster recovery and expansion options in Eastwood and Makati

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery allows the data to be restored and accessed during disasters and risks. Both of these serve to make the company efficient so that it does not stop its work by any means.
They allow the operational function of the company to run smoothly. The protocols followed at Proziod include:

There’s Even a Back-up, Back-up Plan

Our team also provides a back up plan for the already existing back up plan. We work with the internal ICT team of the clients to ensure security doubly. This strategy reduces risks which further allows the smooth continuance of the business

Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identifying uncertainties and analysing them for the company to make better decisions in future. Risk management allows the investors to make up for the losses in case there are any.
Appropriate and proper actions are taken against such losses.
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