5 Year Modernizing The Work Force

Proziod serves as a brilliant outsourcing services provider. Aided by technological enhancements and back-office solutions, it improves the efficiency in scaling the business up and thereby, increasing the ROI. Proziod has ever since expanded and tailored its accounting solutions to meet the needs of the customers.

Our goal is to enable business outsourcing, increase the back-office performance of the customers and provide shared services. Therefore, ensuring a customized solution to suit each individual’s specific requirements.

Why Is Our Outsourcing Effective?

Our global outsourcing services, RPA automation, and back-office shared services enable refocusing your financial and back-office teams toward more profitable and strategic tasks.

We provide outsourcing services that help in improving quality, accuracy, building up competence, and enhancing the reporting capabilities across the entire company. To ensure the sustainability and continuance of business administrative functions by providing the services fully online. Our services help in increasing operational transparency and saving time through dynamic collaborations.

Get A Better Return On Outsourcing

Our belief resides in transparency and open communication that serves to maintain a healthy work environment.

Get A Better Return On Outsourcing

Our belief resides in transparency and open communication that serves to maintain a healthy work environment.

Outsource Our Dedicated Teams

Our business outsourcing solutions allow your business to streamline its productivity. The outsourced team closely collaborates with the customer’s team and provides a brilliant cooperation model.

Superior offshore outsourcing provides a platform that reduces the gap between you and your team.
A team of dedicated account managers and HR partners provide constant support.
Our team of business analysts reviews processes and establishes the need for transitioning to offshore outsourcing.
The best infrastructure that is fully customized, enables you to gain experience in a wide spectrum of technologies.
Collaborations with our skilled resource teams help in finding you a place within our industry experts.
IT security, high-speed data delivery, and the hybrid office mode further enhance the solutions to a greater degree.

Different Roles That Your

Offshore Team Can Undertake

In case you don’t know where to start or what roles you may need, you can choose from our custom packages below:

Payroll services

Transaction Processing

Medical Billing

Hire a dedicated developer

Bookkeeping Services

Back-Office Operations

Development & Design

Network Administrator

Data Analytical Services

Document & OCR Processing

A Full-Scale Privacy & Solution

Proziod offers a workable environment for offshore outsourcing by providing a secure environment through grade security. An expertise in-house assures that all the applicable international data privacy laws are met.

Therefore, it enables working with clients certified under global IT protocols. These protocols are helpful in providing security and complete protection. 

Specialist skilled resources supported and guided by our industry experts
Logical & physical security protocols applied across offices, systems, hardware, and software
The environment is controlled and monitored in order to ensure the maximum security required for offshoring
Security assessments of IT infrastructure are done periodically for enhanced network and perimeter security
A Vulnerability Management System (VMS) scans all network devices, servers, and middleware on a regular basis

Fully customized network configurations and IT policies alignment with your onshore business

Mini guide to start your

Offshoring Team

We comprehend that establishing a remote team can be a daunting task, but it need not be so. Proziod simplifies this process by providing comprehensive support throughout each step of the way.

Identify your next hire

Begin your journey, If you could hire someone today, what role would it be?

Select Your Own Team

You can choose your team according to the specific requirements

Get your team started

Start with the work right away with the team you choose

Manage & Support your Team

Effortlessly manage and support your team now

Cost-Effective and Value Generating

Our outsourcing company is dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions that generate value for our clients. By outsourcing tasks to us, our clients can benefit from significant cost savings, as there are no salary markups or hidden costs. We believe that transparency is key to building strong relationships with our clients, and we strive to provide a flexible and transparent pricing model that allows our clients to achieve their goals while minimizing costs.

Our pricing model is designed to be flexible, allowing clients to customize their outsourcing solutions to meet their unique needs and budget requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and objectives, and we provide tailored solutions that are cost-effective and value-generating.

In addition to cost savings, outsourcing tasks to our company can also provide value-generating benefits, such as increased efficiency, improved quality, and access to specialized expertise. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to delivering high-quality results that meet our clients’ expectations.

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Customer's Reviews

Our ease and affordability make our customers want to work with us. We aim to work even harder to meet the needs and demands of our precious customers by providing the best quality content.What differentiates us is our customer services and our entire team, cordially cooperating and working as a support system to help with all the solutions in time of need.

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