Virtual Captive Center Services

Virtual captive center services are basically the services offered directly to organizations. The offshore virtual captive center services are customer-owned.

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About Virtual Captive Center Services

Virtual captive center services are basically the services offered directly to organizations. The offshore virtual captive center services are customer-owned. A captive facility is created for the customers through these services that are operated.

Outsourcing captive center enables the association with corporate setups at a much lower cost. Virtual captive center services lie somewhere between the captive center service and the managed services. Hence, these share the benefits of both kinds.

Virtual Captive Center Services and how can they help you?

Virtual captive center services help the customers to manage the services by providing operations related to the organizations. Their role is to manage entire operations and allow the smooth execution of the processes. They further increase and improve efficiency to a greater extent.

This serves as a hybrid outsourcing model for providing the management of the majority of services. The best part of Virtual captive services is that all of the services that are managed are entirely under the control of the customers, that is, the customers can have a look at the way things are handled.

Our virtual captive center services

The following are the services which Proziod provides:


Facility Management

HR Management

Operational Support

Extending the Team

Types of virtual captive center services offered

The numerous services provided by us include:

Operational management: One of the services offered is operational management and IT administration of the system.

HR management: Offshore captive services help in the functionalities performed by the HR department, such as recruitment services, managing the staff members and so on.

Finance and Accounting Services: The services include the payment of the staff members and all of the details related to finance and accounting.

Optimizing Support: Everything is done on behalf of the client and there is constant support offered to the customers.

Benefits of virtual captive center services

By availing of our virtual captive center services, our clients will be privileged to get the following benefits:

Profit generating: These services increase efficiency and profit-generating competency.

Project Management: The project is managed with utmost accuracy and is entirely under the control of the customers.

Organized Outsourcing: The services provided by us enable fast and accurate outsourcing that is systematic and organized.

Easy Organizations and Set-up: The setup is easy and extremely user-friendly. This enables a smooth run of the workflow system.

Reducing infrastructure costs: Through offshore virtual captive center services the cost of infrastructure is reduced and the companies can spend on other relevant and important activities and tools.

IP protection: The risk of data security and management is reduced while enabling the outsourcing virtual captive center services.

Transparency and flexibility: There is no filtration between the clients and the service providers. This further enables flexibility and agility.

Who should go for virtual captive center services?

We provide virtual captive center services to the following sectors:


Information Services Sector

Finance and Accounting

E-commerce and Retail

Media and Advertising


Logistics and Transportation

Real Estate

The process we follow for virtual captive center services

A thorough guideline is followed in a stepwise manner for carrying out the services. The steps involved are:

Defining the Goal

Service Delivery and processing

Contract based agreement

Creating the project management team

Infrastructure setup

Operation management setup

Offshore operation launching

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual captive center is a hybrid model that provides outsourcing services by setting up a captive center. This saves huge amounts of money that would be lost in setting up large infrastructures.

The major advantage of virtual captive center services is that it keeps transparency in costs, that is, transactions and finances of the customers. It helps in keeping a check on the salary and other operational expenses of the customers.

There are some assets involved in a virtual captive center such as the infrastructure, the hardware for the functioning of the systems and the tools carrying out the network-related operations.

Virtual captive center services are cost-effective, as they tend to manage different operations without much expenditure. Further, they tend to carry out the operations within time.

The sectors to which we provide our virtual captive center services include a wider and diverse range comprising different industries, such as business administration, management, finance, accounting, healthcare, and so on.

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