Transaction Processing Services

Transaction processing is a way of computing where services are provided by the division of work into different sets of operations. These strategically divided operations are known as transactions.

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About Transaction Processing Services

Transaction processing is a way of computing where services are provided by the division of work into different sets of operations. These strategically divided operations are known as transactions. The information processed during the transaction is made sure to be accurate and the same as that at the start. Data entry ensures that the data and information processed are certain.

Transaction Processing and how can they help you?

Transaction processing is initiated by the online processing of information. The processing is done by division into discrete units. All of the computational tasks are done during the process of transactions. These services are helpful in keeping track of the transactions. Therefore, the system remains well-organized and runs systematically.

Outsourcing transaction processing helps in streamlining and saving time which allows you to focus more on things that are relevant and important.

Our Transaction Processing Services

The following are the services which Proziod provides:

Handling the Transactions

Tracking Transactions

Data Entry and Retrieval

Processing the Order

Document Management

Check Processing Services

Survey and Order Processing

Types of Transaction Processing Services offered

Transaction Processing Services enable an organization to reach its heights and grow. Various types of transaction processing services offered are:

Data entry linkage with Database: The transaction process involves the complete entry of data and during this process, the data is linked with the database and other resources.

Controlled Timeouts: Transaction processing services allow the smooth workflow of the system by reducing time lapses.

Track of the Transactions: These services allow to keep a record and check of all of the transactions taking place throughout the workflow.

Capturing and Verifying Information: The transaction services help in producing authentic information that is verified and checked.

Processing of Payment: The services allow the processing of payment to take place smoothly and effectively.

Claims Processing: This includes the entry of the data-related information and they also include other data-related processes such as mining and cleansing.

Benefits of our transaction processing services.

Transaction processing ensures the smooth and proper functioning of a company. Due to several benefits that it offers, it has become a requirement for companies to outsource transaction processing. The benefits you can avail yourself are:

Managing the Processing: The entire process of information and transaction processing is properly managed.

Data Sharing: The transaction processing services allow the data sharing, cleansing, mining and other such data-related activities essential for the system.

Organized system of data entry: This is a systematic data entry that has a proper organization so that there is no chaos created due to data-related information.

Reduction of Cost: There is an impact on the money spent on the resources. Money can be invested in other important revenues.

Improves the efficiency of operations: The overall efficiency of the work system is increased by availing of these services.

Reduces the overall time: The overall time for running the processes is reduced, therefore, giving more time to important tasks.

Who should go for transaction processing?

Transaction processing serves various sectors when it comes to its provision. The different sectors include:


Real Estate



Independent Logisticsbusiness Personals


E-commerce & Retail

The process we follow for transaction processing

There is a procedure followed by transaction processing in order to avail of its services. The process involves data entry, regulation, input and output allowing the final accumulation of data.

Storage of Data


Data Retrieval

Transactional Data Accumulation

Frequently Asked Questions

The difficulty faced during the transaction process is the availability and proper functioning of the resource system and software. The software should be appropriate and in good working condition.

The main purpose for which the transaction processing services are executed is the accuracy and certainty of storing the data information.

Outsource transaction processing is the way in which companies hire highly skilled professionals to cater to the needs of the transactional processing services and enable the company to manage and organize the data entry and information.

The outsource transaction processing is carried out in a chronologically organised manner. The hiring takes place and then step-by-step the transaction processing takes place by allowing the correct entry of data, cleansing and mining. 

Other additional services include payroll processing service, data informational services, management services and so on.

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