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About Bookkeeping Services

The process of keeping a record of your company’s financial transactions in a well organized account on a daily basis is known as Bookkeeping. The bookkeeping services allow a well planned financial system that supports you throughout the year. The bookkeeping services intend to meet all of your accounting needs. Through bookkeeping your finances will achieve greater heights. 

Bookkeeping is important as far as the accounting process is concerned. If the transaction records are updated and well maintained, it is easier to generate financial reports with utmost accuracy. Furthermore, these entire bookkeeping services enable a smooth measure of the business performance. The bookkeeper ensures the feasibility of the bookkeeping process. The bookkeeper keeps a track of all the receivables, payables, and the financial transactions of the business document. Another focus of the bookkeeping services is on the financial accountability balances of the company.

Good bookkeeping services will be a blueprint for the company’s financial structure and hence, provide a greater insight into the financial health and credibility of the company.

Bookkeeping and How can a bookkeeper help you?

Those individuals that manage the entire financial data of a company are known as bookkeepers. Their role is to handle the deposits, manage payrolls, develop and maintain the financial statements, and reconcile the bank statements with the internal accounts of the company. In addition to these, the bookkeeper also helps with the audits. The tailormade bookkeeping services are aided with the bookkeeper and together they aim to take your finances to the next level.

Role played by the bookkeeper

A bookkeeper keeps a tab on everything related to the company’s finances. The tasks might include cash flow statements, bank reconciliations and loss statements as well.

A record of the flow of money in and out of the business is kept by the bookkeeper and the credits in the bank accounts should be at par with the accounting software is made sure.

Necessary financial statements are generated by the bookkeeper and are further presented to the potential business partners. 

On a daily basis, the bookkeepers complete the data entry, track debits and monitor the financial records. For the smooth conduct of annual audits, it becomes easier when the books of financial records are maintained.

Our Bookkeeping Services

The following are the services which Proziod provides:

Annual entries are recorded for the financial year

Filling all of the business transactions

Availability of stock summary till date

Availability of account receivable and payable statements

Availability of receipt of your company’s expenses

Types of Bookkeeping Services Offered

We offer a varied range of bookkeeping services essential to maintain the financial records and statements. Some of the services are listed as:

Cash based:The most basic of all is the cash based bookkeeping service whereby all of your business transactions will pass through your cash accounts. Therefore, the bookkeepers use two records, cash receipts and cash disbursements, in order to track the activity closely.

Accounts receivable: For cases where payment is not made straight away, an Accounts receivable aspect is added to bookkeeping. It tracks the status of the payment, whether collected or pending.

Accounts payable: This account helps you to see clearly what money has left and when. The bookkeeping services allow you to take care that the payments are not delayed from your end.

Payroll expenses: The biggest cost for the business owners makes it vital to keep this account up to date and accurate. The same is also used to calculate taxes and any other government related transactions.

Online bookkeeping services: In addition to these we also provide virtual bookkeeping services to the clients to meet their accounting requirements.

Benefits of getting our Bookkeeping Services

As we provide a varied types of bookkeeping services in a comprehensive and concrete range, there are a number of benefits that you can avail:

Quicker, easier solutions for cash management, accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliation, and generating financial statements.

Hold a record of both national and international customers that serve as examples of beneficiary results.

Our built-in automation helps with the mundane accounting tasks and takes care in driving your focus toward your business.

The methodologies are all industry based and are applied thus, to bring the best results.

Packages and prices are customer friendly and reasonable.

Who should go for Bookkeeping Services?

The bookkeeping services are essential for the financial stability and maintenance of a company. But there has to be a role that you must play for availing the benefits of these types of bookkeeping. It would be a great fit for professionals working as:

Share market traders and Investors



Business advisor

Independent business Personals

Goods traders

The Process we follow for Bookkeeping

Our bookkeeping services follow up a proper procedure that needs to be understood for a smooth onboard journey of the customer. We have an end-to-end fulfillment that is provided by our team of professionals. It is simple, and a step by step procedure as follows:

Fill the Application Form

Talk to our Accounting Expert who will guide you through the whole process

Buy the most suitable plan

Complete the overboarding process

Avail the financial reports just on time

Through the completion of these steps, our bookkeeping services are made available to the customer and together, we are able to achieve a high standard. To meet certain legal and regulatory compliances, it becomes necessary for the company to keep a well and accurate record of all of the finances that their company holds.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of keeping track of financial transactions, financial statements like balance sheets and income statements is known as online bookkeeping. A bookkeeper would ensure that there is a proper management of payroll and daily documenting invoices and expenses.

The Income Tax Act conducts a mandatory audit, which is possible if the books have been kept according to the law. The Companies Act, which governs corporations, stipulates that each corporation must file an annual return with the Registrar of Corporations. Even if a financial year results in losses or no income, it is required. It helps people and businesses keep track of their costs, keep an eye on their income, and make wise financial decisions.

Bookkeepers provide a range of services such as managing payroll, including pensions and auto-enrolment, keeping track of income and outgoings, managing invoices and overdue payments, budget and cash flow planning, management accounts, Bookkeeping software training.

It helps businesses to keep a track of their financial health and monitor it further. The accuracy of financial statements is required for tax purposes and important business related decisions, therefore, Bookkeeping plays an important role.

One of the major advantages of outsourcing bookkeeping services is that they save a lot of time and money because they give the freedom to the employees so that they can focus on their core business tasks. It also reduces the need for in-house bookkeeping staff. 

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