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Remote Teams are those teams working for a common organization. Proziod Outsourcing provides dedicated remote teams services for your organization.

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About Remote Teams Services

Remote Teams are those teams working for a common organization. Proziod Outsourcing provides dedicated remote teams services for your organization. Remote teams collaborate on common subjects and are situated at different locations. They are available round the clock and hence, the problems faced by any company can be easily resolved by hiring remote teams.

Remote Teams and how can they help you?

Remote teams work from different locations and serve the best workforce with a dedicated team. They help in increasing the flexibility of the working system and environment. They help in providing access to recruitment and training services. One of the major benefits is the easy organization of the meetings. Remote teams organize the meetings easily and enable smooth and effective communication. 

Our Remote Team Services

The following are the services which Proziod provides:


Design Management

Project Management


QA & logistics

IT Professional Services

Types of Remote Team Services offered

Hiring remote team can offer a varied number of services to its clients. The remote team services further help in increasing the productivity of the company. Some of the remote team services offered to the clients are:

Managing Time: Time management helps in keeping track of time and monitoring the work for the efficient workflow of the organization.

Project Tracking: Remote team services keep track of the project and manage the project by keeping transparency in the work.

Centralized management: Remote teams work in collaboration and thus manage the projects and work of the company in a centralized manner.

Employee Records: The communication tools allow for keeping track of the employees and recording their entire work process.

Automated Invoice services: The Invoice services are automated and this keeps and maintains transparency between the clients.

Benefits of getting our Remote team services

By hiring remote teams and availing the remote team services, the customers can gain a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits that the customers can be blessed with are:

Reduces the burden: Remote team services reduce the burden on the current organization by taking over the responsibilities.

Focus redirection: The focus is shifted to important deals and tasks that are actually necessary for the growth of the company.

Dedicated team: Our solutions provide a dedicated and hard-working team of highly skilled professionals who aim to convert the vision of an organization into reality.

Flexibility and Agility: With a team of skilled professionals, flexibility is offered to the company making it more agile and vigorous.

Low budgeting: Remote teams are hired at a much lower cost allowing the company to go on low budgeting which does not affect the overall finance of the company.

Who should go for remote team services?

There are different sectors that can go for the hiring process of remote teams. Some such sectors are mentioned:

Development Services


Information Services

Advertising Sector

E-commerce & Retail




Real Estate

The process we follow for remote team services

The process involves hiring a dedicated remote team based on suitable qualifications and requirements. Once the dedicated remote team is hired, they are given their specific roles and responsibilities along with an agreement that is signed by them.

Discussion of agreements and roles

Setting up the workflow system

Delivering the Quality Service

Frequently Asked Questions

A team of skilled professionals that work together on a project with a chance of working from different geographical locations. The remote teams involve brainstorming as different professionals with different specializations work together to fulfill a single goal.

One of the challenges that remote teams face is lacking any supervision. As there is no one supervising them due to their presence at different locations, working together coherently becomes a little difficult. Another challenge could be the different time zones to which the professionals belong.

The most important while working in remote teams is focussing on communication and communication through virtual platforms is the way these professionals can work together.

One of the key factors involved in managing outsourced resources is effective communication. Another factor is maintaining the project visibility and keeping transparency with the clients.

Remote teams reduce the overall cost of a company and they tend to save time and preserve it for the company to focus on those aspects that lead to its growth.

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