It is a big challenge to find a reliable dedicated development team to fulfill your business vision within a strict timeline and budget. Engaging a virtual development team is a viable approach to software development. It’s quite common that someone with an idea for an app doesn’t have the skills or expertise to make it a reality.
A startup wants the product shipped to the market as fast as possible to beat the competition. A company has a sporadic need for developers to work on an adjacent project. Many businesses often struggle to hire tech talent locally.

In all of these cases, the best alternative to in-house development could be a dedicated team of software engineers. A dedicated team will be an entity of your organization, operating in a cost-effective region. The development team provided by the provider (for example, Ncube) will work on your project full-time and under your management. The provider will take care of recruiting services, office facilities, and IT infrastructure, remote work tools, and then launches your team.


What are the options for forming a Software Development team?

We live in unprecedented times when the world is trying to adapt to the new normal. Many businesses had experienced a screeching halt in their growth as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, some had significant financial losses, and some closed their operations. It is safe to say that all organizations received damage, and we are still not fully aware of the extent of it for the global economy. Businesses are forced to work remotely and outsource their jobs to survive.


What is a software development team structure?

Key software development team roles include:

  • The Project Manager (PM) is in charge of planning and execution, overseeing all processes, delegating tasks among team members, and communicating with the client.
  • Business Analysts (BA) are responsible for setting goals, analyzing and documenting core processes, and making sure that everything is aimed at achieving business goals. In some of our projects at SPD Group, our partners delegate the right to be Product Owners on the side of the outsourced development team to our Business Analysts. This allows our partners to delegate the creation of project requirements of a business solution to a dedicated team, setting only high-level business goals.
  • Designers are in charge of how the product will look and how users will interact with it.
  • Developers do the actual heavy lifting by writing the code. Front-end engineers are focused on a customer-facing part of the product, while back-end engineers take care of the elements that users don’t see.
  • Quality Assurance Engineers (QA) are testing the product and making sure it meets set requirements.

Other important roles that could be required in a project:

  • Tech Lead is often the most skilled software developer in a team that drives the development process and is responsible for the technical decisions of the team.
  • The Team Lead is also a technical expert but with a focus on the management process.
  • Solution Architect is building architectural solutions for all teams of the project to follow. This expert is overseeing the entire process.

What are the benefits of remote development teams?

Remote Programmers are More Productive

A recent study found that 91% of remote workers believe they get more work done
Goremotely reports that 83% of entrepreneurs claim that flexible hours boosted their productivity. . There are a number of other studies that attest to the same.
This is perhaps not surprising, because individuals who work from home are free from the distractions of the office as well as a time-consuming (and often tiring) commute, among other things. This time and energy can be refocused on their work.

A Remote Product Team Reduces Office Space Costs

The office rent is always going up, especially in major cities. More than being just a perk for employees, remote working presents a serious business opportunity with an impact on the bottom line.
A remote development team would also be less costly than an offshore team that needs to assemble in an office because for an offshore team you will be partially paying for their office space costs as well.
Proziod offers the same advantages as an offshore team at a far lesser cost.

Hire from Anywhere at Lower Cost

Yet another money-saving advantage is the ability to hire non-local talent. Local talent, particularly in developed markets, can come quite expensive. Or there can be an outright dearth of local talent.
Even in the major cities of the world, where you would find the biggest pools of professionals to hire, you would be competing with some of the biggest brands in the world who have very deep pockets.
With remote working, you can hire quality talent from anywhere in the world. Geographies, where talent costs are less, are now open to you. This might be why small companies are two times more likely to hire full-time remote employees.

A Remote Team Needn’t be a Team of Freelancers

For a long time, remote working was mainly the domain of freelancers. While that is changing, there are still certain challenges in hiring a remote software developer that you don’t know. How can you be sure about their credentials? Will they dedicate all of their time to you, or do they have other clients? What will be the quality of their work?
With Proziod at your side, these concerns are neutralized. Our network consists of vetted professionals that are on our payroll and are available for you to hire. We bring a guarantee of accountability and professionalism.

Hire a Development Team and get to Work Immediately.

Oftentimes, an organization needs technical work done for a particular sprint, after which their requirement ends. With Icicle, you don’t have to worry about the hiring process, onboarding contractors, payroll, and all the HR paperwork. We will handle all of the back-office tasks.
If you need to hire a team of developers, all you have to do is tell us your requirements, we will put the team together, and you will be able to start working directly with them. Forget the stress and focus on your project. Leave the rest to us.


Challenges of Working With a Remote Team.

Now, while there are several benefits to working with a remote team, there is no doubt that it also comes with its own challenges. Some of the biggest challenges that companies might face are:

Changes in Company Culture

A change in the structure of a workday, a shift in employee skillsets, or even a modification in how teams operate are just some of the changes that can take place or may in fact be required to take place.

Challenges of Remote Hiring and Onboarding

Hiring will pose new challenges to HR teams. They will have to adapt to reading body language and intonation over a video call, and this may require new training. Onboarding will face challenges in integrating a new hire into the company culture and making them feel like part of the team.

New Technologies for Remote Development

There are tools for everything. Every aspect of work, including project management, communication, customer engagement, and more can be monitored and adjusted in real-time so that employees can work remotely without losing sight of productivity.
A robust ecosystem of tools is a must to ensure that business goals are met in a remote working scenario.

Concerns about Employee Productivity

Reduced employee productivity and focus are the top concerns of managers when it comes to remote working. This is understandable, especially for managers who are used to monitoring their team on-site. How does one make sure that the demands of professionalism are being met by remote workers?


Proziod is Remote Ready. Your Team of Developers Await You.

In a time when companies have struggled to meet the sudden demands of remote work, we at Proziod are continuing to provide value to our clients.


Try Remote Development

The shift to remote working has long since been coming. Technology has transformed the way society conducts business, learns, and solves problems. And remote work is an essential aspect of the future.
For many companies, the initial days may feel like walking on shaky ground. The ideal scenario would be to partner with someone who has vast experience in remotely delivering desired organizational outcomes.
And the fact remains that although remote project management presents challenges, they are easily overcome with technology and processes.
Further, the advantages that come when you hire remote developers are just too good to pass up. Massive savings, sheer convenience, and the reduction of tedious tasks so that you can focus on your business will all lead to a positive impact on your bottom line.
Let’s talk today about what a remote development team can do for you.