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“We believe in human ability to solve complex problems. We believe that people are inherently good. We believe hard work yields desired results. We believe persistence leads to success. We believe that all people are pursuing the same goals of happiness.”

Who We Are ?

Today, through the application of smarter services and technology, we’re committed to supporting companies across all areas of procurement and finance transformation.

Proziod has over 3+ years of experience in providing proficient, quality business outsourcing services to our clients across the world. The information technology, educational and engineering focal point of South India. Our services are constantly being improved and are always of the highest quality. We pay attention to our clients and we execute the plan with precision to gain the highest potential of success.

Our people make us great

Something interesting happens when people are passionate, honest, practical and tenacious about working together as a team to solve the most complex problems. It fosters a culture that’s pragmatic about solving problems, generous when helping others and comfortable as a family. We pride ourselves with the people in our team and we believe it is the one thing that makes our company special.

Working here means you’ll interact with talented professionals, will be challenged to solve difficult problems and think in new and creative ways. Along the way, you may also make some new friends, have a lot of fun and enjoy opportunities to put your greatest assets to good use.

Our company has grown organically since 2016, in order to meet the needs of our customers. As of December 2018, custom software development, Testing & Business Operations has got more than 100+ talented employees, who handle the main job – delivering what we promised in time with needed quality and budget.

Quality Service that's Affordable

At Proziod Analytics we strive to be the very best, and it's our policy that the experts on our team are always training in the latest, most efficient practices and are constantly learning about the most recent technological advancements. Teamwork is a part of our success, and our experts work together to give you the best Outsourcing services possible. We have excellent chemistry and use that coherence to take on any project. It's true that price matches the quality of work, but we bring you the best of both worlds because we believe that quality work can be affordable.

We value building intimate, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. We value a fair and honest work environment where we enjoy working with each other.

We know that our paychecks come from our customers. We do everything we can to exceed our customer’s expectations. We believe that we have an amazing ability to solve complex problems and that with hard work and persistence we can succeed.

We are fair and honest in our interactions. We are responsive.

Can we do the same work but do it faster, do it with higher accuracy and do it at a lower cost? If we provide our customers with the best service experience will they still want to do these tasks in-house or, will they be willing to outsource? These are the questions that gave birth to Proziod in 2016.

We are Proziod Incorporated

The mantras were simple: a) Work hard b) Do Your Best c) Try, Try Again d) Do It Now. These I had learned from my father as a young boy.

Thus, when I started Proziod Analytics from the study in my home the guiding principles for Proziod were the same. We are always going to work hard and remember that our pay checks come from happy customers who should always get the very best solution that we can deliver. We will always be persistent in our efforts for continuous improvement and we will always deliver on our commitments, on time.

We believe that every call/ticket should be answered by a person rather than an endless voice messaging system. We believe customers come to us looking for a solution and it is our job to offer them the best solution we can within their target budget and within their time requirements. We believe in treating everyone fair. At Proziod, we believe in being a positive contributor to our community and to our environment.

Why Choose Us

A choice that makes the difference

Proziod is committed to helping its clients reach their goals. Proziod is a full service IT solution provider who values our relationships with managers, customers, vendors, business partners, and co-workers. Strong, positive relationships that are open and honest are a big part of what differentiates Business System Solutions.

We provide a comprehensive range of data protection and cyber security services to protect your business information and to give you peace-of-mind. We help you manage risks and build confidence in your technology systems.

This is how our Customers Rate Us

  • Reliability97%
  • On Time Delivery Performance99%
  • Quality of Services98%
  • Easy to Do Business With98%
  • Satisfaction with Customer Support Received95%
  • Attitude, Courtesy, Professionalism of Staff98%
  • Responsiveness of Company96%

Infrastructure and security

We have state-of-the-art computing and communications technology, with UPS for power backup, as well as our own power generators in the event of power failure. The Internet and telecom technologies in our delivery centers provide the perfect platform for customer service and support on par with industry standards. We use some of the latest security technologies to ensure data integrity for our customers. Learn more about our advanced

infrastructure here - India

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: #8, Khykha court, 2, Hosur Rd, Koramangala 2nd Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068

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