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Automation Services

Successful automation begins with a clear objective and ends with an increased return on investment. By defining the goals your workflow is transformed to maximize on both accuracy and efficiency allowing your business to focus on core competencies. In addtion to transforming your current workflow, Proziod works closely with your team to provide greater visibility and positive results! How does Proziod automate your business processes? First, we analyze your current needs and define the most efficient process. Whether this is digitizing your physical documents and scanning them to make it easier for programmatic data capture, or by streamlining a process to input data into a database our goal is to provide the best customized solution.

High-Volume Processing
Increased efficiency in high-volume transaction processing with easy scalability.
Proprietary Technology
Proziod Automation is empowered by our proprietary range of software bots, developed and tested in-house.
Security Assurance
All processes are executed in compliance with ISO27001 standards along with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI and PII.


How Business Process Automation Generates Higher ROI

Not only does automation increase the quality of your operations but it also reduces your operational costs as minimal human supervision is required to oversee and manage the automated processes. This further frees up your internal resources, increasing focus on your primary business or core competencies and leading the way to future expansion and growth.

Proziod Automation

With Proziod Automation Platform, we take the brightest minds, advanced technologies, and robust processes to design the best outsourcing solution. We have automated thousands of processes from a wide range of industries to help tackle your in-house challenges..

Consistent Data
Our proprietary Prozoid Bots enter, capture, and extract data with greater accuracy while reducing errors.
Intelligent Automation
Our smart automation bots carry out multi-sequences steps to execute complex processes flawlessly.
Reduced Cost of Operation
Eliminate process redundancies and lower your operating costs with our advanced automation solutions.
Extensive Quality Assurance
We employ machine learning and AI along with a series of validation checks to generate 100% clean and verified data.

Proziod Logistics and Supply Chain

Integrated Solutions that Will Take a Load Off Your Mind

Bill of Lading

Expedite Bill of Lading (BoL) entry and processing to improve efficiency.

Freight Bill

Accurate freight bill entry and processing to ensure accurate billing for each shipment.

Order Fulfillment

Eliminate manual processing to accurately create shipping labels, enter orders, and process invoices.


Increase visibility of FTL and LTL and reduce operational costs for streamlined processing.

Proziod Utilities and Energy

Utilize Advanced Outsourcing Solutions for Increased Efficiency

Utility Bill Processing

Automating the collection and processing of all utility bills and validated through audit for accuracy.

Utility Bill Managementl

Utility bill data collection, auditing, payment, and analysis to improve cost-efficiency and sustainability.

Utility Bill Payment

Electronic payments made from an account to make payments on time and eliminate late fees.

Sustainability Reporting

Collection and analysis of data compiled into reports to improve sustainability efforts company-wide.

Proziod Finance & Accounting

Enjoy Greater Accountability in Bookkeeping and Invoice Processing

Accounts Payable Services

Automating payable services to streamline vendor bills to payment cycle.

Accounts Receivable Services

Improving checks received and bank reconciliation process to increase cash flow.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Increase financial visibility and reduce the high costs of staffing and management.

Invoice Processing Services

Automating data collection from vendor invoices from physical mail, electronic bills, and through web scraping.

Proziod Healthcare and Life Sciences

Avail Faster Claims Processing and Accurate Data Entry for Superior Healthcare

Medical Claims Processing

Experience shorter payment cycles with faster claims processing.

Test Requisition Form Processing

Accurate form processing for greater accuracy and accountability

Insurance Applications

Verifying details and standardizing formats for easy filing.

Medical Coding and Billing Services

Eliminating errors and duplicates for error-free claims.

Proziod Retail

Streamline Order Management to Enjoy Greater Customer Satisfaction

Sales Order Processing

Accurate entry of sales data for efficient order management.

Data Enrichment

Enriching product and order data to enable customer-centric decision making.

Rebate Data Entry

Processing and verifying rebate claims with double-key data entry.

Order Fulfillment

Processing orders with speed and accuracy for faster order fulfillment.

Proziod Utilities and Energy

Utilize Advanced Outsourcing Solutions for Increased Efficiency

Bill of Materials Processing

Documenting Bills of Material for record-keeping and efficient processing.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Cataloging data sheets and aggregating established protocols for safety.

Order Management

Accurate data entry and processing for swift and accurate order fulfillment.

Large Format Conversion

Digitally transforming documents for easy conversion and processing.

How Workflow Automation Propels Business Process Improvement

In today’s competitive environment there is very little room for error and even less room for operational delays and inefficiencies which leads to a constant need for business process improvement. Backed by automated workflows and smart processes, businesses are continually redefining the limitations of what they can achieve and being left behind is simply not an option.

Receive Both Physical and Digital Documents
Data Capture Using AI and Machine Learning
Quality Assurance Through A Combination of Technology and Human Interaction
Files Are Compiled and Ready for Delivery Through A Secure Network

Proziod Cloud Platforms

The Proziod Collaboration platform is a cloud-based work space where you can work from home and manage remote teams while keeping an eye on the status of your projects in real-time. In today’s modern world businesses must be efficient and adaptable in order to meet demand. Through the use of cloud platforms, businesses gain visibility, improve accuracy, productivity, and cut overall operational costs.

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Automate Your Processes

With Proziod Technology, we take the brightest minds, advanced technologies, and robust processes to design the best outsourcing solution. We have automated thousands of processes from a wide range of industries to help tackle your in-house challenges.

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