Logistics Outsourcing Services

Proziod provides fully managed logistics outsourcing services from issuing load statements to freight billing and auditing. Partner with Proziod for a scalable solution to increase efficiency, accuracy, and visibility.

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Efficient Load Orders + Bill of Lading Processing

Increasing Agility, Accuracy, and Client Satisfaction

Proziod provides Logistics Industry Outsourcing Solutions to a variety of clients nationwide. As part of an essential industry, transportation and logistics businesses need to maintain speed and accuracy to transport items and prevent shipment delays.

Outsourcing establishes a streamlined process to handle large volumes of invoices, bill of lading, and load order processing to increase supply chain efficiency.

Real-Time Processing

Errors are eliminated, duplicate bills become a thing of the past and the requisite paperwork is processed accurately and shared in time.

Streamline Back-Office Support

Let us handle the processing of your freight bills, bill of lading, and load confirmation statements to streamline the workstream for efficiency.

Boost Visibility and Accuracy

Using a combination of intelligent automation and effort-based processing, we provide results with greater speed and accuracy for each shipment.

Increased Scalability

By utilizing our logistics team division, Proziod deploys additional resources as your business grows to accommodate your real-time needs.
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Case Study

Implementing Quality and Performance for a Logistics Company

The challenge this leading logistics company was facing included the need to maintain high quality of accuracy while entering data in real time for an increasing volume of load confirmations. As they continued to grow, so did their need for a flexible team to help manage these redundant and time-consuming tasks.

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Logistics Back-Office Support

Efficient logistics to transport goods across the country requires an effective and flexible team to manage the tedious paperwork that trails with each shipment.

So, what is the best way to create and manage your logistics paperwork, including processing freight bills and the bill of lading for every completed transaction? Hiring an expensive in-house team to deal with mounting paperwork typically yields inaccuracies and delays. Alternatively, outsourcing these essential, yet repetitive, tasks to a specialized outsourcing team offers the opportunity to build scalable solutions for your freight billing and other essential services.

Data Entry of Shipping Documents

When working in the logistics industry, accuracy and plays a large role in the maintenance of different processes. Outsourcing the data entry process allows you to eliminate the repetitive back-end task, and re-focus your internal resources for core business to improve visibility.

Freight Billing Processing Services

When working in the logistics industry, accuracy and plays a large role in the maintenance of different processes. Proziod offers extensive invoice, receipt, and load order processing services to streamline your workstream for greater efficiency and faster processing.

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