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At a time when technology job demand far outweighs candidate supply for many critical IT positions, working with a highly capable IT talent solutions company has its advantages.

Proziod provides professional IT staffing services with a commitment to recognize & depute the very best candidates for client’s workplace as we do for our own. We make sure that our clients save their valuable time and resources to invest them for more strategic purposes. We study the needs of our client’s business to understand the business culture to find the ideal resources. Consultants chosen by us go through a rigorous technical examination if needed, scanning and multiple rounds of interviews to ensure that they match the job requirements.

Proziod holds the ability to deliver multiple skill sets, fast, efficiently and in a smooth manner. We hire the right people to join our client’s workforce. With a credible history of serving clients in US, Europe, Singapore & India across the technology spectrum, Proziod has the business acumen, technical knowledge know-how, and contacts to deliver advantage to our client’s work by our technology IT staffing.

We specialize in the following roles and technologies:

Technologies Roles
.Net Programmer / Analyst /Developer
SAP Business Analyst
JD Edwards Data/Technical Architect
Oracle Financials Tester
J2EE Web Designer / Producer
Microsoft Project Manager
PHP Help Desk / Desktop Support
SharePoint Systems Administrator

Business Benefits

Cost Effective It provides you a cost-effective solution by offloading the research and management of resources to a trusted and proven team who are proficient in this business area.
Flexibility The ability to adapt is exactly what promises a stays ahead of the curve. You can ramp up and ramp down the intensity of your staff’s work output as and when needed.
Control You maintain Complete and total control over who's doing the job that is important, who receives Delegated to modest tasks and who is leading the charge on your most important And pressing on projects.
Low Risk Together with This exceptionally Trained and knowledgeable team, you are keeping matters in-house and under Your authority, completely minimizing the risk that comes With out sourcing.
Managing Attrition IT attrition is an inevitable side effect of a positive economic upturn; You delegate the task of managing attrition to us


1What do you mean by IT Staffing Services?
We provide Staffing Services to help you build Your Own IT team anywhere in the world. Recruiting Centre of Excellence that will perform supporting Acts to fulfil your IT Staffing
2Requirements What kind of Industries and clients you provide staffing for?
We have experience in providing Staffing Services to Energy & Utilities, Banking, Healthcare, , IT Consulting Company & Retail Industries .
3How do you onboard a new client? How long does it take?
Once an understanding is reached between the client and Proziod of the IT Staffing need “A Master’s Service Agreement” is signed and recruiting activity for the client commences. This process takes 2 to 3 business days
4Do you provide a detailed report about the candidates prior to client interview?
Yes, we have a 8-step process that provides a 360-degree evaluation of potential candidate’s background, technical and soft skill assessment.
5What benefits the client more permanent or contract hire?
Depending on the client needs
  • Permanent hire benefits through Proziod offers a 90 days guarantee and replacement free of cost if the hired candidate leaves within 90 days of employment
  • Contract hire benefits through Proziod if the client wishes to hire a contractor Proziod offers a no cost conversion after 12 months of contract and a 10% hiring fee if the conversion is after 6 months of contract
6What kinds of IT Staffing Services does AMBC offer client companies?
We provide
  • Permanent Staffing
  • Temporary Staffing
    • Contract
    • Contract-to-Hire
  • Global Staffing
    • Onshore Staffing
    • Offshore Staffing
7How does Proziod save clients Time & Money?
We present the top three applicants per position, each of them will be thoroughly evaluated prior to the phone screening so you can right away hire the preferred candidate as preliminary screening for essential background check, skills and personality assessments are done for you by Proziod saving you time and ensuring the best results possible.
8How does an Applicant Tracking System improve your hiring?
In Proziod we have the latest ATS to help us streamline the entire recruitment process and maintain the most suited and qualified applicants engaged with the recruiting team. Our ATS additionally functions as a powerful database to maintain our available candidate pool ready for future hiring using complete assessments.
9Do you hire a full IT team?
Yes, we have hired full teams for various businesses such as start-ups to well established Fortune 500 Companies

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