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Medical Claims Processing

Medical Claims Processing

Insurance Applications Processing

Revenue Cycle Management

Medical Claims Processing

Insurance and medical claims processing are an important process to ensure smooth processing to reduce cycle time and increase accurate data. One of the biggest challenges with claims processing is the need for meticulous diligence putting more strain on health care providers. Outsourcing these tasks frees health care providers from overloading their current small-staffed practices to focus on providing the best care to all patients.

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Test Requisition Form Processing

Requisition forms are sent to the diagnostic center or clinical laboratory which indicates what test is required to be performed on each sample.With tightening regulations there is a higher focus on accountability, making accuracy and quality of data crucial. Outsourcing Test Requisition Form processing not only improves quality, it can also be processed in real time, and used to flag for any redundancies or duplicated records.

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Insurance Application Processing

Insurance application processes are tedious and wastes a company’s overqualified workers to complete back office administrative tasks. Many agencies require a lean team to focus on core competencies and turn to outsourcing to reduce the amount of errors and improve cycle time.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Once a patient arranges an appointment begins the start of various administrative tasks to ensure all of the data required to register each patient and accurately bill them in the most efficient manner. Organized claims data entry and processing eliminates errors in order to reduce cycle time for reimbursement, payment posting, and handling denied claims.

As seen in the example, Proziod combines industry expertise to develop a managed process that helps our partners increase visibility into each claim and maintain their revenue cycles for faster payment.

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