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Data Capture is a significant part of the many business processes at a company. Outsourcing your data capture services allows you to concentrate on your core activities to further enhance your business. The data capture service company which can bring the best people, the most robust processes and the latest technologies to assure the highest accuracy of data is often the selected choice when the data capture business process is outsourced. Letting an experienced company handle electronic data capture tasks reduces costs, improves quality and accuracy, and improves your productivity letting you concentrate on your business growth.

Not all data capture companies are created equal. Ask each data capture company you speak with, what data accuracy do they guarantee; what is their data entry process; what are the quality processes at the data entry company; how will they handle workload volume fluctuations; how will they train their people who will be working on your assignment; how regularly will they communicate status with you? Communication is key to a successful outsourcing partnership. This is why at ARDEM we keep you informed of the progress on your assignment, and of any issues which may occur in the data capture delivery process which could impact your business. The data capture service company which can bring the best people, the most robust processes and the latest technologies to assure the highest accuracy of data is a good choice for a data capture outsourcing company.

Data Security is addressed at the physical location level, the people level and at the network level. We take our role as a temporary repository of your data seriously. Complying with ISO27001 data security standards we address data security at the employee, physical and the network levels. Utilizing VPNs and SSL for data transmissions, PGP and at rest data encryptions, we keep your data secure. HIPAA Privacy Policy for protection of your data is in place for ePHI and PII and Business Associate agreements further protect your data at Proziod.

In every business process, in each functional area- Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Production, Human Resource, information is being collected and processed for the business to function efficiently.

In marketing customer data is being collected, market surveys are being conducted. In Sales, orders are coming from customers and are being entered into the system. In Accounting, invoices are coming from vendors and need to be entered into the system. In Production data from specification sheets and inventory, disbursements are being recorded. In Human Resource data is being collected from resumes and databases are being created. Some data is handwritten, some data is machine typed, some data is coming in digital format, some data is coming on paper. All this data needs to be collected, organized, reported on. Data Entry services are required. Surveys, Rebates, Claims, Application Forms, Mailing lists, Invoices, Sales Orders all need data to be captured or transcribed from the incoming source format into the enterprise system. Data may also need to be collected and compiled with data mining and data indexing services. With a mix of Proziod Data Capture and Proziod Data Entry platform, we ensure that all data is delivered with the highest data accuracy. Proziod is a data entry company that has consistently delivered highest quality data, every time.

or the highest accuracy, Proziod Data Capture platform builds in double key data entry along with compare data quality checks, data validation routines, and data verification checks to assure you the highest accuracy of data. Typically, we achieve a 99.97% or higher accuracy of data for our clients. Proziod is the top data capture company that delivers a consistently high quality of data, every time.

all us. Tell us what your current data capture process is. Why do you want to outsource your data capture process? What data capture process improvements are you hoping to achieve? Is your current data capture being done by 1 FTE or 50 FTEs? Or, is this a business growth requirement? Do you want us to create the data entry process from scratch and work through the workflow test and pilot production and final data production stages? We will always first understand your requirements, then put together a highly skilled team to work on your assignment, apply the most up to date data capture and data entry technology and define the most efficient process to deliver the most accurate data to you.

Proziod Data Entry Services

Automate Your In-House Data Entry and Improve Your Bottom Line Instantly.

Find out how we take technology and industry knowledge to create the best-customized solutions.

Proziod Technology

In today’s modern world businesses must be efficient and adaptable in order to meet demand.

Through the use of Proziod Technology Platform, we increase visibility, improve accuracy, productivity, and cut overall operational costs.

ROI You Can Stand By

Data Capture In-House Model

  • Poor quality: <65% accuracy
  • Long processing time
  • Management headaches
  • High processing costs

Proziod Solution

  • Increased data quality: 99.97% accuracy
  • Fast turnaround / 3-shift operation
  • Streamlined work processes
  • High ROI

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