Finance and Accounting


Bookkeeping, Accounting, payroll Processing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables and Tax Preparation, etc., are just some of the most important finance and accounting services managed by each and every business on a day-to-day basis. Proziod Analytics will allow you to take care of your accounting woes by providing streamlined and true Finance.

Experts in Proziod Analytics utilize latest applications for Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll processing, and tax-preparation to offer you most useful results in almost no time.

Efficient cash-flow management, methodical Accounting, and compliance with industry regulations are all fundamental to the economic wellbeing of any enterprise. Proziod’s comprehensive package of personalized Finance & Accounting KPO services enables your company to boost its own operational and financial agility by streamlining and optimizing key processes.

Partnering together with you in attaining financial health

As a leading F&A KPO service supplier With extensive expertise providing effective KPO solutions for a number of companies across the planet, Proziod strengthens your organization Finance and Accounting capacities in areas such as Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash process), Collections and Receivables, General Accounting, Record-to-Report and Financial Planning & Analysis.

Leveraging our services enhances your financial agility through improved income control, enhanced Collections, decreased reconciliations campaigns, improved receivables, accurate coverage, hastened revenue cycles, and others; this ultimately favourably affects earnings growth.

Accounts Payable Services

Proziod Accounts Payable outsourcing services at India are focused at transforming our customer’s entire payment activity by effectively automating the processes of documents management, transaction management, exception resolution, elimination of duplication and disbursement-related services.

Our Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services at India offer our global customers the flexibility to outsource all or part of their accounts payable business functions. The Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services provide you with the advantages of cutting edge technology and skilled staff without having to invest in these or buying and maintaining expensive software. We provide industry best practices including Sarbanes-Oxley compliance leading to reduced discrepancies and greater financial control which finally translates into enhanced profitability.


We provide Accounts Payable Services to customers all over the globe, including customers in UK and USA. The end-to-end solution includes the following:

Invoice Processing & Helpdesk

  • Scanning, Indexing, and Coding
  • E-invoicing
  • Invoice Posting
  • Refund Claims
  • Employee Claims (expense reimbursements)
  • Withholding Taxes
  • Vendor Helpdesk
  • Payment Run
  • Disbursements
  • Discounting
  • Month-end Accruals and Taxation


  • Setting Up Chart of Accounts
  • Billing for goods sold or services
  • Recording receipts from customers
  • Verifying and recording invoices from suppliers
  • Paying suppliers
  • Processing employees' pay and the related governmental reports
  • Recording depreciation and other adjusting entries
  • Entering Bank Details
  • Allocating the account entries
  • Value-added bookkeeping
  • Month-end or year-end closing


  • Order management
  • Customer billing
  • Customer aging
  • Collections management
  • Cash forecasting & reporting


  • Bank statement reconciliation with your bank statement
  • Credit card reconciliation with your statement records
  • Matching of invoice with your ledger as well as journal entries
  • Sequencing of checks
  • Balance sheet reconciliation


  • QuickBooks Accounting
  • NetSuite Accounting Software
  • Quicken Accounting Software
  • Peachtree Accounting Software
  • Sage Accounting Software
  • Intuit's ProSeries Software
  • Intuit's Lacerte Software
  • Tally


  • Payroll setup
  • Payday calculations and direct deposits
  • Payroll taxes calculation and form filling
  • 941, 1099, 940 and quarterly state tax returns

Outsource to Proziod?

We have robust infrastructure to ensure smooth transition of all kinds of projects from their initiation to completion. Additionally, at Proziod, we have incorporated best practices for information security and supply 360° Information Security and Confidentiality Assurance to all our clients.

Our sales executives will get in touch with you immediately. Even if you are not yet prepared to venture into outsourcing, you're always welcome to get in touch with us to discover more about outsourcing to India. If you’re concerned about transitioning your job to Proziod, please proceed through our transition management process.

The Proziod Advantage

  • Our procedures offer customer up-to-the-date information on invoice (amount, vendor, date) process stage, approvals (who accepted it, when), exceptions (price discrepancy ,amount discrepancy) as well as all outstanding liabilities for the organization.
  • We offer 24x7 customer supports to facilitate prompt response and resolution to customer/vendor inquiries.
  • Our web-based reporting system keeps the maximum degree of protection of customer data at the exact same time allowing the customer real time tracking.
  • Improved business intelligence eased by the Large image available to the management
  • Improved financial management made possible by our transparent processes and 24x7 protected web accessibility to customers
  • Reduced invoice disagreements and disputes
  • Strengthened Portfolio connections
  • Online repository for Simple access to invoice trade Audit trail and availability of supporting documentation necessary for Tests

Innovation and Best Practices

Our proprietary Applications foster innovation and best practice sharing. We create more than 1000 ideas each year and share over 50 best practices annually within the company.


We have deep experience in enhancing processes through Automation tools, ERP optimization, proprietary bench marking tools, and frameworks for innovation, change management and business process re-engineering.

Industry-specific Services

We understand the principles of F&A requirements in each Industry, and hence deliver industry-specific solutions in verticals spanning insurance, media, retail, production, shipping and logistics, telecom, utilities and travel

Analytics Capabilities

We leverage our powerful analytics skills by a 50+ strong analytics team and proprietary frameworks to provide business insights and results
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