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Audience data is complex. Acting on it shouldn’t be.

Taking action on insight shouldn’t be hard. With Proziod Analytics, turn fragmented data, from any channel or device, into meaningful audiences that you can act on right away.

Billing and invoicing needs differ significantly from one company to the other, but what is very common in the corporate environment is to look for billing software that eliminates manual entries and automates routine operations to cut time consumption. While it is almost impossible to discover a one-size-fits-all billing software system, there are ones that cater to most vertical industries, and incorporate configurable methods for payment collection to ensure usability on different markets. We’ve analysed a large number of these products and come up with the software solutions to help you make a more reliable choice for your business.

Save Time and Money

by automating key processes

The goal of Billing Platform is to help your enterprise increase productivity and save time and money by automating key processes to reduce complexity, errors, and confusion while promoting a fluid and ultimately efficient operation.

Enjoy fully automated and configurable data collection, rating, invoicing, payment processing and reporting using built-in tools like scheduled reports, automated data extracts and loads, fully automated billing and payment cycles, workflow, web services and more.


Automate manual tasks and eliminate rework and mistakes to dramatically improve operations, systems and data quality using our highly configurable and powerful workflow engine. Use workflow to inform users and customers when critical changes happen in the system. Use update and call-out actions to keep data in sync within your billing system and across the enterprise.

Leverage workflow notifications to keep customers informed of business impacting events such as contract renewals and expiring credit cards while keeping internal personnel informed of critical approvals and system or customer service events.

Ensure data quality by configuring workflow to align business data according to pre-defined events. Ensuring accurate flow of information throughout your organization, customers, and integrated applications. Harmonize communication between systems and support complex integrations leveraging our workflow call-out actions

With the rise of the digital economy you need to support any order, charge model, or channel and ensure you can bill and collect easily without building and maintaining custom code. Key features include:

  • Automatic invoicing for more accurate & efficient billing as invoices are driven based on assets ordered, so any changes to assets owned are automatically computed on the next invoicing run which reduces revenue leakage.
  • Subscription Renewal Optimization for growing recurring revenue from existing customers, improving customer retention and eliminating renewal errors with asset-based ordering and mass renewal management capabilities. Proziod automatically generates renewal opportunities with up-sell and cross sell insights and visibility into contract commitments, expirations and negotiated pricing.
  • Billing flexibility for billing for full orders, partial orders, or pending orders. You’ll also be able to activate orders per line-item and bill per detailed line-items or roll-up to a bundle and you can automatically adjust invoice schedules based on up-grades, down-grades, swaps, add-ons.
  • From start to finish, Proziod manages the entire Quote-to-Cash process. And unlike other standalone billing systems, Proziod is always in sync with your customer orders, agreements and assets, so you’ll get fewer errors, faster payment and happier customers.

Benefits of Billing Management Platform

Automated Billing for Any Business Model

Traditionally, billing information lived in the ERP system, but in order to provide flexibility to the sales team, billing needs to be managed in the front office. So if there are any changes, swaps, deletes, and additions to the order you’ll be able to manage those complexities as they happen and process invoices that both you and your customer can agree on. And to grow your business, you need the unlimited flexibility to offer blended business models of physical goods, services, one-time fees, subscriptions, and professional services. At the end of the day, the goal for effective automated billing is to generate an accurate and easy-to-understand invoice.

Direct Integration with your Quotes and Contracts

Create customer friendly quotes and contracts using Apttus Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), then leverage the same data model and information to manage subscriptions, generate invoices and collect payments.

Centralized Financial Data

Gain business agility when all your contracts and invoices are in one central place— eliminating integration issues and increasing visibility and payment turnarounds.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Leverage your CRM and ERP investments by automatically generating invoices for any type of service or product, without manual intervention.

Support for All Sales Channels

Improve retention and responsiveness when customers, partners and resellers get accurate invoices that are tied directly to their latest orders, contracts and assets.

Flexible Invoicing and Billing

Produce more ways to increase your revenue with highly configurable options to bill and present invoices.

360 Degree Financial View

Increase visibility in how much you owe and how much you get paid with all your financial and asset data in one place—giving a 360 degree view of all billing, payments and financial history.

Automated Bill Scrapping:

In modern time, when data is everything. We should not just pay bills, we should be able to analyse the bills to predict future budget. Bigger organisations can really put this at use and save resources.

Parsing bill has been a manual work in past. Most incoming invoices are nowadays received in digital formats (PDF, scanned image, photo, email, …).

While this already streamlines the business process and makes physical storage capacity irrelevant, one major problem persists:

How to leverage the data hidden in those digitised invoices? And how to easily access key data in invoices and move the data to where it belongs?

This is where automated Invoice Capture Software comes into play. Each invoice holds key data which is crucial for the accounting, resource planning and business intelligence applications. The data trapped in invoices needs to be transferred to ERP, accounting or data analytics systems.

Our solution is basically an automated data processing solution tailored to the use case of invoices. It basically tries to recognise all key data fields in your invoices and returns easy to handle structured data.

Once your PDF/ Image invoices are converted into something like an Excel spreadsheet, you can easily reuse the data in other applications.

Drawbacks of manual invoice processing

  • Delayed or lost invoices
  • Long invoice processing cycle
  • Missed visibility & tracking
  • Missed benefits of early payment
  • Late payment fees
  • High cost of manual labour
  • Time inefficiently spent on data keying and checks
  • High operational costs

Benefits of automated invoice processing

  • Unified processing independent of document format
  • Reduced invoice processing cycle
  • Transparent invoice lifecycle Unique doc ID
  • No invoice is lost
  • Less staff involved in processing
  • Assured accuracy of data
  • Eliminated transport & postal costs
  • Improved operational efficiency
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